Umimachi Diary   2015   Japan Our Little Sister
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Director:Hirokazu Koreeda
Studio:Fuji Television Network
Writer:Akimi Yoshida, Hirokazu Koreeda
IMDb Rating:7.6 (990 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:128 min
Hirokazu Koreeda  ...  (Director)
Akimi Yoshida, Hirokazu Koreeda  ...  (Writer)
Haruka Ayase  ...  Sachi
Masami Nagasawa  ...  Yoshino
Kaho  ...  Chika
Suzu Hirose  ...  Suzu asano
Ryô Kase  ...  Sakashita
Ryôhei Suzuki  ...  
Takafumi Ikeda  ...  Hamada
Kentarô Sakaguchi  ...  Tomoaki Fujii
Ohshirô Maeda  ...  Futa Ozaki
Kirin Kiki  ...  
Rirî Furankî  ...  
Jun Fubuki  ...  Sachiko Ninomiya
Shin'ichi Tsutsumi  ...  Dr. Kazuya Shiina
Shinobu Ohtake  ...  Miyako
Mikiya Takimoto  ...  Cinematographer
Yôko Kanno  ...  Composer
Hirokazu Koreeda  ...  Editor
Comments: About half way through I was filled with joy by this movie about nice people getting along with very little drama in their lives. About 3/4 of the way through I started to question the feasibility of the venture and began to imagine ways the film might introduce some drama. I took a break. When I came back I was happy to be in the company of these people again. This is a beautiful film.

I entertained the notion of punting on Little Sister for a moment about half way through, then I decided to reassess my notion of what a film is supposed to do = ie., resolve conflict. Thanks Aristotle, but you're old. I applaud Koreeda for exploring "nice". It's got to be one of the greater challenges a film maker faces because of a reality TV culture that wants Jerry Springer BS vs the notion that nice means it belongs on the Hallmark Channel. And I'm weird in that I really don't give a turd what a film does if I like hanging out with the people in it.

Summary: A story that revolves around three sisters who live in their grandmother's home and the arrival of their 13-year-old half sister.

There are three sisters: 29-year-old Sachi Kouda (Haruka Ayase), 22-year-old Yoshino Kouda (Masami Nagasawa) and 19-year-old Chika Kouda (Kaho). They live at a house in Kamakura, Japanese. Their house was left by their grandmother.

One day, they receive news of their father's death. When the sisters were young, their parents divorced and their father left them. They haven't seen their father in 15 years. Upon hearing the news on their father's death, the sisters attend their father's funeral.

At the funeral, they meet their stepsister Suzu Asano (Suzu Hirose). She is 14-years-old and there are no one to take care of her. Oldest sister Sachi invites Suzu to live with them.

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