Happî awâ   2015   Japan Happy Hour
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Director:Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Writer:Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Tadashi Nohara, Tomoyuki Takahashi
IMDb Rating:6.3 (691 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 1 nomination
Duration:317 min
Ryusuke Hamaguchi  ...  (Director)
Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, Tadashi Nohara, Tomoyuki Takahashi  ...  (Writer)
Hiromi Demura  ...  Hinako
Shoko Fukunaga  ...  Mitsu
Yuichiro Ito  ...  Kawano
Rira Kawamura  ...  Jun
Hazuki Kikuchi  ...  Sakurako
Tsugumi Kugai  ...  Yoshie
Maiko Mihara  ...  Fumi
Hiroyuki Miura  ...  Takuya
Hajime Sakasho  ...  Kazama
Shuhei Shibata  ...  Ukai
Ayaka Shibutani  ...  Yuzuki
Reina Shiihashi  ...  Kozue
Yoshio Shin  ...  Yoshihiko
Yasunobu Tanabe  ...  Kurita
Sachie Tanaka  ...  Akari
Umitarô Abe  ...  Composer
Yoshio Kitagawa  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Find your center of gravity and share it with someone

Be the chair

Leaders of workshops like that always turn out creepy

The film was first developed while Hamaguchi was an artist in residence at KIITO Design and Creative Center Kobe in 2013. It came out of an improvisational acting workshop he held for non-professionals, with many of the film's performers having participated in the workshop.


-Could you have sex with anybody?
-I have my criteria
-What is it?
-His face
-That's very simple
-It is, but I don't think it's wrong. Because your life shows in your face

--<s>Antonin Artaud</s> Hamaguchi

What an amazing journey this film is. Girl power flicks are my favorite. The dudes don't fare very well here but it's not anti-guy. Hamaguchi just doesn't give a shit at this moment

The dialog isn't natural even if it feels real. It's actors workshop stuff meant to cut to the chase. Theater of Cruelty

I'm deducting half a star because the "Steam" Reading bored me to holy hell. But what’s 30 minutes when you’re down for over 5 hours. It’s a very long winded way of making the point: you get what you bring. don't pretend otherwise -- even if you are an artiste

The "Steam" reading girl is not up to the quality of other characters/actors, but she serves an important role. I'll bet she wasn't part of that actors workshop

It's important to dig. Everyone can find the "cruel world" inside themselves if they search hard enough, deep enough, long enough

As far as filmy things go, and choices about them ... the musical queues are superb, and the virtual fourth wall breakings are perfect

Summary: Four women. All in their 30s. Three married, one divorcee. They are able to tell each other anything. Or at least they thought. One day, after losing in divorce court, one of them gives up on a future with their partner and disappears. The three remaining women take a second look at their lives. The long night is full of questions. 'Are you really the you you wanted to be?'

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