1996   Japan Haru
Haru Image Cover
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Director:Yoshimitsu Morita
Studio:Kouwa International
Writer:Yoshimitsu Morita
IMDb Rating:7.1 (56 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:118 min
Languages:Japanese, Mandarin
Yoshimitsu Morita  ...  (Director)
Yoshimitsu Morita  ...  (Writer)
Eri Fukatsu  ...  Mitsue Fujima 'Hoshi'
Seiyô Uchino  ...  Noboru Hayami 'Haru' (as Masaaki Uchino)
Sei Hiraizumi  ...  Hoshi's father (as Shigeru Hiraizumi)
Noriko Kojima  ...  
Kazufumi Miyazawa  ...  Hiroyuki Yamagami
Aya Mizuno  ...  
Yuka Motohashi  ...  
Takayuki Sakai  ...  
Masaaki Senda  ...  
Noriko Suzuki  ...  
Kôtarô Takeshita  ...  Shogo Tobe
Naho Toda  ...  Rose
Masaharu Tsuruku  ...  Rose's fiance
Tetsuya Ushio  ...  
Masako Yagi  ...  
Souichi Noriki  ...  Composer
Toshihiko Sahashi  ...  Composer
Hiroshi Takase  ...  Cinematographer
Shinji Tanaka  ...  Editor
Comments: First of all: who names their film after the dude?

And puts a picture of the girl on the poster?

And spends a considerable amount of time (especially for those of us unfamiliar with mid-90s DOS email programs) being unclear who is sending and who is receiving emails?

Wait. Was that the point?

There is something very relatable about what's going on in the film (he says as he posts his reaction under a pseudonym in a film forum) and Eri Fukatsu is a dreamboat

More enjoyable to think about the film than to experience it. Its rhythm escaped me but the Band-in-a-Box new age lounge music MIDI compositions matched the email program

Summary: A man under the online identity "Haru" (Masaaki Uchino) chats with another male member named Hoshi (Eri Fukatsu) under the assumption that Hoshi is also a male. They discuss Haru's relationship with his girlfriend among other things. It just so turns out that Hoshi is actually a woman using a male idenity to avoid male advances ...

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