Hanare banareni   2013   Japan Kuro
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Director:Daisuke Shimote
IMDb Rating:6.8 (26 votes)
Awards:3 nominations
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:100 min
Daisuke Shimote  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Daisuke Iijima  ...  
Hikari Kajiwara  ...  Kizashi
Airi Kido  ...  Kuro Ueki
Wakana Matsumoto  ...  Nana
Hideo Nakaizumi  ...  Gou
Yu Saitoh  ...  Eito
Nori Satô  ...  Rei Kimura (as Nora)
Tarô Suwa  ...  Taizo
Miwako Wagatsuma  ...  Momo
Takahiro Haibara  ...  Cinematographer
Yu Nagae  ...  Editor
Iseei Nakano  ...  Editor
Comments: Long takes where nothing happens fill this film that follows three characters who hang out at at an abandoned seaside inn. I could have liked this a lot but, a few things: one of the guys is supposed to be a hip young fashionable director who wears a scarf and a hat. I don't think the actor who plays him has ever worn a scarf or a hat in his life. It shows. So he was no fun. The second guy had most of the narrative drift, but he's completely nondescript. No harm, no foul, but it doesn't make the film good. Finally, the girl is a pretty cool, tough, smart whippersnapper, who for no reason, or the wrong reasons, is also a little mean. No point to that (in this context) except for deducting points.

Summary: The story begins in modern Tokyo, following three young people. Kuro is a girl working part-time job at a bakery, but gets fired and ends up without a goal in life. About the same time, Eito, a photographer, breaks up with his long-term girlfriend Nana and gets his camera destroyed. Meanwhile Gou, a theater director, looses the lead actress for his new production and has only few days to find a new one. These three individuals meet by coincidence, and as a mean to escape the reality begin living together at a deserted inn near the sea. The movie portraits the feeling of distance and of friendship between the characters, dwells on the concept of attaining the 'real freedom of spirit', and is a portrait of a young generation of Japanese society. The movie has no BGM apart from music and sounds of nature heard by characters themselves, and according to the director, the shooting concept was to keep the dialog to a minimum. Furthermore, each scene was shot in one long take to emphasize ...

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