Fukigen na Kako   2016   Japan Kako: My Sullen Past
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Director:Shirô Maeda
Writer:Shirô Maeda
IMDb Rating:5.6 (10 votes)
Duration:120 min
Shirô Maeda  ...  (Director)
Shirô Maeda  ...  (Writer)
Fumi Nikaidô  ...  Kako
Kyôko Koizumi  ...  Mikiko
Kengo Kôra  ...  
Itsuji Itao  ...  
Mei Kurokawa  ...  
Yûki Yamada  ...  
Makoto Ohtake  ...  
Masayo Umezawa  ...  
Shigeru Saiki  ...  
Mochika Yamada  ...  
Kitarô  ...  
Kumi Hyôdô  ...  
Tôru Okada  ...  Composer
Yasuyuki Sasaki  ...  Cinematographer
Takashi Sato  ...  Editor
Fumi Nikaidou  ...  (as Fumi Nikaidô)
Makoto Ôtake  ...  
Comments: I'm completely on board with most any flick where someone carries around a bomb for a good portion of its run time

I've been waiting eight years for subtitles for this and finally gave up and watched it with machine translated subs. It's obvious this is a witty repartee kind of film even if it is sullen and melancholy at the high points, so most of it was lost on me. Still, put Fumi and Kyôko in the same room and I'm down

I always wondered why a film with those two would mostly evaporate soon after its release. I feared it might be a bad film. I would say it's not, but I can't be sure. I think I would have smiled a lot with good subs even though word play doesn't usually translate well

The little girl who gets half blown up and then plays the rest of the film in bandages is a winner. After Kako stabs her mom with an umbrella she apologizes, not for stabbing her, but because she had recently poked some dog poop with the umbrella. I think that's how it went down

Not a crowd pleaser but well executed numbness, and the machine translated subs give it a nice, surreal bent

Summary: Kako (Fumi Nikaido) is a female high school student. She lives at a restaurant run by her family in Kitashinagawa, Tokyo. Unexpectedly, Kako's aunt, Mikiko (Kyoko Koizumi), suddenly appears. Kako thought her aunt died 18 years ago. Her whole family is embarrassed by Mikiko's appearance due to a past incident caused by Mikiko. Kako is also irritated when Mikiko lives in her room. They spend the summer together.

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