Mitsu no aware   2016   Japan Bitter Honey
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Director:Gakuryû Ishii
Writer:Saisei Murô
IMDb Rating:6.0 (6 votes)
Genre:Drama, Fantasy, History
Duration:105 min
Gakuryû Ishii  ...  (Director)
Saisei Murô  ...  (Writer)
Fumi Nikaido  ...  Akako Akai (as Fumi Nikaidô)
Ren Ohsugi  ...  Ojisama
Kengo Kôra  ...  Ghost
Yôko Maki  ...  Yuriko Tamura
Masatoshi Nagase  ...  Fish Monger
Comments: My love for Fumi is fading. She's picking bad roles. These Japanese films where a beautiful young woman has some kind of thing with either an old guy or an irredeemable jerk don't resonate with me.

Summary: Based on novelist Muro Saisei's 1959 book, Bitter Honey narrates the story of a poet who informed by his physician of his impending death finds renewed flights of fantasy. He is visited by a thin and attractive girl in red who becomes a catalyst for romance. The girl has to vie with competition for the artist's attention, however, as other women work in the wings. Bitter Honey's story is coloured by gorgeous photography as it explores sex, love, life and immortality.

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