Bon to Lin chan   2014   Japan Bon Lin
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Director:Keiichi Kobayashi
Writer:Keiichi Kobayashi
IMDb Rating:6.1 (27 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:91 min
Keiichi Kobayashi  ...  (Director)
Keiichi Kobayashi  ...  (Writer)
Rino Higa  ...  Nikubenki (Miyu Saito)
Emma Sakura  ...  Bon (Natsuko Yotsuya)
Mahiro Takasugi  ...  Lin (Rintaro Tomoda)
Hakushu Tôgetsuan  ...  Bebi (Naoto Aida)
Keiichi Kobayashi  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A little too talky. Seems a little forced. Almost impossible to keep up with the subtitles (a criticism that wouldn't exist if I understood Japanese). Not as good as the director's excellent debut About the Pink Sky. It has its moments but the cast of newcomers here isn't at the level of AtPS. However, it is wonderfully raunchy:
Bon: "Anguish has an Anal, too"
Lin: "There is always a way out"
Bon: "No. Anal isn't a way out. It's a way in"

Summary: Natsuko Yotsuya (Ema Sakura) is a teenager and she is also known as Bon. She lives in a town and has a friend, Miyu-chan, who lives with her boyfriend in Tokyo. Miyu-chan though is abused by her boyfriend. To bring back her friend back, Natsuko and her childhood friend Rintaro Tomoda (Mahiro Takasugi), also known as Lin, go to Tokyo together. With the help of a man, who they met through an internet forum for "boys’ love" manga fans, they head to Miyu-chan's house.

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