Nijû seikatsu   2016   Japan Double Life
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Director:Yoshiyuki Kishi
Studio:TV Man Union
Writer:Mariko Koike, Yoshiyuki Kishi
IMDb Rating:5.9 (116 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:126 min
Yoshiyuki Kishi  ...  (Director)
Mariko Koike, Yoshiyuki Kishi  ...  (Writer)
Mugi Kadowaki  ...  
Hiroki Hasegawa  ...  
Masaki Suda  ...  
Lily Franky  ...  (as Lily Frankie)
Setsuko Karasuma  ...  
Naomi Nishida  ...  
Yukiko Shinohara  ...  
Shôhei Uno  ...  
Tarô Iwashiro  ...  Composer
Kôzô Natsumi  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Mugi Kadowaki, part deux. Stalking without reason or malice is just "Tailing". Okay.

It may have been stressful to accept a role where your character concludes after a bunch of research and analysis (and some weird activities that inform it) that in the end we're all snowflakes.

The "Philosophy" in this film is a little sophomoric but everything else is graduate level because everyone committed to it. It drags a bit from time to time and the soundtrack doesn't help. I wanted to shoot those two piano notes.

It's remarkable that David Bowie arose from the dead to play "Subject A" in the film. I enjoyed his reaction (self serving as it is) to Mugi's film defining speech more than her speech. We aren't all snowflakes. We're all just part of one big snowball.

The nice lilting atmosphere takes a hit when things change up. The sex bit is all wrong. "Subject B" is a choice that screamed not to be made, and then they just make stuff up to thicken the stew for brownie points.

Final verdict: if you deconstruct it, the film fails, but the nice feeling, and even the place, linger on. Don't know why but it seemed like David Bowie lived in Korea.

It must be hard to make a movie

Summary: Tama (Mugi Kadowaki) is a graduate student. She lives with her boyfriend Takuya (Masaki Suda). She becomes influenced by lectures about French writer Sophie Calle and begins to follow her neighbor Ishizaka (Hiroki Hasegawa). Tama soon discovers that her neighbor Ishizaka is having an affair. She becomes excited about discovering his secret. Her relationship with her boyfriend Takuya and her professor Shinohara (Lily Franky) changes.

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