Ukikusa   1959   Japan Floating Weeds
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Director:Yasujirô Ozu
Studio:Daiei Studios
Writer:Yasujirô Ozu, Kôgo Noda, Tadao Ikeda
IMDb Rating:8.0 (5,426 votes)
Duration:119 min
Yasujirô Ozu  ...  (Director)
Yasujirô Ozu, Kôgo Noda, Tadao Ikeda  ...  (Writer)
Ganjirô Nakamura  ...  Komajuro Arashi
Machiko Kyô  ...  Sumiko
Ayako Wakao  ...  Kayo
Hiroshi Kawaguchi  ...  Kiyoshi Homma
Haruko Sugimura  ...  Oyoshi
Hitomi Nozoe  ...  Aiko
Chishû Ryû  ...  Theatre Owner
Kôji Mitsui  ...  Kichinosuke
Haruo Tanaka  ...  Yatazo
Yosuke Irie  ...  Sugiyama
Hikaru Hoshi  ...  Kimura
Mantarô Ushio  ...  Sentaro
Kumeko Urabe  ...  Shige
Toyo Takahashi  ...  Aiko no haha
Mutsuko Sakura  ...  O-Katsu
Takanobu Saitô  ...  Composer
Kazuo Miyagawa  ...  Cinematographer
Toyo Suzuki  ...  Editor
Comments: Floating Weeds doesn't offer much as best I can tell: some jerk gets fake pissed about who's dating his son. Nothing more, no insight into human nature. We observe some jerk having his way and abusing women. How is that interesting? The whole "jealousy, manipulation, revenge...and true love" angle felt mechanical and completely on the surface, it could work in a LEGO movie. The woman who the jerk slaps around still wants to be with him in the man's universe. Terrible acting except for the young girl. She's cute as a button and didn't act like she was wearing a straight jacket. How is the guy who played the son, how is his screen presence not cringe-worthy? I really don't get the appeal. Actually, I liked Mom. She seemed much bigger than the rest of the film's characters.

Summary: A troupe of travelling players arrive at a small seaport in the south of Japan. Komajuro Arashi, the aging master of the troupe, goes to visit his old flame Oyoshi and their son Kiyoshi, even though Kiyoshi believes Komajuro is his uncle. The leading actress Sumiko is jealous and so, in order to humiliate the master, persuades the younger actress Kayo to seduce Kiyoshi.

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