2017   Japan Hirugao
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Director:Hiroshi Nishitani
Studio:Fuji Television Network
Writer:Yumiko Inoue
IMDb Rating:6.1 (47 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:125 min
Hiroshi Nishitani  ...  (Director)
Yumiko Inoue  ...  (Writer)
Aya Ueto  ...  
Takumi Saitoh  ...  (as Takumi Saitô)
Hiroyuki Hirayama  ...  
Ayumi Itô  ...  
Satoshi Koji  ...  
Hideo Yamamoto  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Too Long. No Heft. It's LifeTime Channel stuff. Aya Ueto is both fetching and off. I would have skipped even fast forwarding through this if I had noticed beforehand that it was from the guy who made Amalfi: Rewards of the Goddess. This knowledge moved the film from unenjoyable to offensive.

Summary: When a Japanese housewife has an affair while her husband is hard at work providing for the family the phrase goes 'heijitsu hirugao tsuma.' When a Japanese woman sleeps with a married teacher she is shunned and shamed and has to change her name and residence. yet, that is not their end. There is more to come.

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