Tôkyô orinpikku   1965   Japan Tokyo Olympiad
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Director:Kon Ichikawa
Studio:Organizing Committee for the Games of the XVIII Olympiad
Writer:Kon Ichikawa, Yoshio Shirasaka, Shuntarô Tanikawa, Natto Wada
IMDb Rating:8.0 (1,226 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 2 nominations
Genre:Documentary, Sport
Duration:170 min
Kon Ichikawa  ...  (Director)
Kon Ichikawa, Yoshio Shirasaka, Shuntarô Tanikawa, Natto Wada  ...  (Writer)
Abebe Bikila  ...  Himself
Jack Douglas  ...  English-Language Narrator
Toshirô Mayuzumi  ...  Composer
Kazuo Miyagawa  ...  Cinematographer
Shigeo Murata  ...  Cinematographer
Shigeichi Nagano  ...  Cinematographer
Kenji Nakamura  ...  Cinematographer
Tadashi Tanaka  ...  Cinematographer
Tatsuji Nakashizu  ...  Editor
Summary: Ichikawa's cameras follow the 1964 Summer Olympics from opening to closing ceremonies. Sometimes he focuses on spectators, as athletes pass in a blur; sometimes he isolates a competitor; other times, it's a closeup of muscles as a hammer is thrown or a barbell lifted; or, we watch a race from start to finish. We see come-from-behind wins in the women's 800 and the men's 10,000 meters. We follow an athlete from Chad from arrival to meals, training, competition, and loss. Throughout, the film celebrates the nobility of athletes pushing themselves to the limit, regardless of victory.

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