Ju-on 2   2000   Japan Ju-on: The Curse 2
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Director:Takashi Shimizu
Studio:Toei Video Company
Writer:Takashi Shimizu, Takashi Shimizu
IMDb Rating:6.0 (1,150 votes)
Duration:76 min
Takashi Shimizu  ...  (Director)
Takashi Shimizu, Takashi Shimizu  ...  (Writer)
Yûrei Yanagi  ...  Shunsuke Kobayashi (segment "Kayako")
Takako Fuji  ...  Kayako Saeki (segment "Kayako")
Takashi Matsuyama  ...  Takeo Saeki (segment "Kayako")
Ryôta Koyama  ...  Toshio Saeki (segment "Kayako")
Yûko Daike  ...  Kyôko Suzuki (segment "Kyôko")
Makoto Ashikawa  ...  Tatsuya Suzuki (segment "Kyôko")
Tomohiro Kaku  ...  Nobuyuki Suzuki (segment "Kyôko")
Mayuko Saitô  ...  Jimuin (segment "Kyôko")
Yue  ...  Manami Kobayashi (segment "Kyôko")
Miyako Nakatsuka  ...  Terebi Dorama no Joyû (segment "Kyôko")
Kenta Ishikawa  ...  Satô (segment "Kyôko")
Ganko Fuyu  ...  Hashimoto (segment "Kyôko")
Kaori Fujii  ...  Yoshimi Kitada (segment "Tatsuya")
Hua Rong Weng  ...  Hiroshi Kitada (segment "Tatsuya")
Taizô Mizumura  ...  Taiji Suzuki (segment "Tatsuya")
Gary Ashiya  ...  Composer
Nobuhito Kitsugi  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Given the new Blu-ray releases of the Ju-on films I decided to re-watch the series
Katasumi In a Corner - (3.5) ... Dead kid. Pretty cool short. Shimizu's already got his aesthetic going on

4444444444 - (2.5) ... Not creepy short, really, until ... introducing Toshio

Ju-on: The Curse - (4.1) ... It's mostly soundtrack and facial work that give this its edge in creep-y. It's kind of hard to follow until you give up trying to follow it and try to just be scared somehow

Ju-on: The Curse 2 - (3.0) ... More/less fragmented skits. Losing a little steam here but still has the vibe. Nostalgic for the day when this stuff was cool and new-ish

Ju-on: The Grudge - (4.0) ... Decent reboot with a pretty high level of creepy but it's fragmented nonlinear structure works against a full embrace

Ju-on: The Grudge 2 - (3.1) ... My enthusiasm waned. At this point I found myself wishing I was re-visiting other J&K-Horror from the period instead, like:
Dark Water, Ringu stuff, The Red Shoes, Suicide Club, Whispering Corridors stuff, Phone, One Missed Call, etc. Ah, those were days

Summary: The most terrifying ghost story in screen history continues as Kyoko loses her unborn child in a car accident and finds out to her shock that something is still growing within her in director Takashi Shimizu's sequel to the groundbreaking horror hit Ju-On: The Grudge. Kyoko is a pregnant actress who has recently lost her baby on a tragic road mishap. Despite her overwhelming grief, popular scream queen Kyoko determines to carry on with her career by taking part in a television program that will explore the home purported to be haunted by a child whose parents were once killed there. When Kyoko begins to fall ill and seeks the advice of a doctor who is unaware of her recent loss, she is shocked when he informs her that her pregnancy seems to be progressing normally.

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