Tonde Saitama   2019   Japan Fly Me to the Saitama
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Director:Hideki Takeuchi
Writer:Mineo Maya, Tomokazu Tokunaga
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:107 min
Hideki Takeuchi  ...  (Director)
Mineo Maya, Tomokazu Tokunaga  ...  (Writer)
Fumi Nikaidô  ...  Momomi Dannoura
Gackt  ...  Rei Asami
Yûsuke Iseya  ...  Sho Yakyukozo
Naoto Takenaka  ...  Kanagawa Prefectural Governor
Haruka Shimazaki  ...  Ami Sugawara
Kumiko Asô  ...  Maki Sugawara
Ryô Katô  ...  Nobuo Shimokawa
Ryô Narita  ...  Haruto Igarashi
Kumiko Takeda  ...  Keiko Dannoura
Akaji Maro  ...  Sojuro Saionji
Masaki Kyômoto  ...  Duke Saitama
Shôtarô Mamiya  ...  Saitama resident
Akira Nakao  ...  Takezo Dannoura
Tsubasa Masuwaka  ...  Okayo
Brother Tom  ...  Yoshimi Sugawara
Comments: People from Chiba punish people from Saitama by putting peanuts in their holes. That one comes up a few times. You don't need to know why it's funny, or offensive, to enjoy the movie. It's very broad comedy and not all of it works --at least to this non-Japanese-- but it's a lot of fun. Saitama takes a lot of hits for being one of only a few prefectures of the Island Nation with no sea.

The "Big Battle" between Chiba and Saitama consists of raising flag posters of various celebrities from each region.

The whole thing is really about Tokyo versus Rednecks. Not all the specifics will translate but the overall urban/rural feud is pretty universal, and ...

Fumi and Kumiko, what more do you need?

Summary: In a world where people are discriminated based on their birthplace, Saitama Prefecture is particularly criticized by the people in Tokyo. One day, a mysterious male student named Rei Asami transfers to Hakuhodo Academy, a prestigious high school in Tokyo, from America. However, Rei is revealed to have been born in Saitama Prefecture. He leaves Hakuhodo and returns to Saitama, and forms a revolutionary movement to acquire respect and rights for Saitama citizens. Following him is Momomi Hakuhodo, the male president of the school's student council and the grandson of the school principal.

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