Yunhui-ege   2019   South Korea Moonlit Winter
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Director:Dae Hyung Lim
IMDb Rating:7.0 (103 votes)
Awards:10 nominations
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:105 min
Languages:Korean, Japanese
Dae Hyung Lim  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Hee-ae Kim  ...  Yoon Hee
Yûko Nakamura  ...  Jun
So-hye Kim  ...  Sae Bom
Yoo-Bin Sung  ...  Kyung Soo
Hana Kino  ...  Masako
Comments: The mother/daughter relationship in this film is so adorable. I remember Kim Hee-ae (mom) from the crunchy but exquisite Thread of Lies. Never seen the daughter before. Two very fine performances. Not just between them, but between them and everyone else. So ... pure

Long time Yûko Nakamura fan. I don't think we ever hear her speak Korean. Her interactions with her auntie --also a wonderful relationship-- are in Japanese. There are a couple other script execution kinks that puzzled me for a moment. And then they didn't

The poster always made me think this was going to be a somber, pensive affair. There are moments of that but good vibes and authentic, loving respect dominate. This is one of those films you wanna hug the crap out of

This would be a five star banger if the soundtrack wasn't an endurance test of MIDI, tinkly, ugh. Too bad about that

Summary: Yoon-Hee lives with her teenage daughter Sae-Bom. On a winter day, Yoon-Hee receives a letter from Otaru, Japan. Sae-Bom accidentally reads the letter and learns about her mother's first love, which she never spoke about before.

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