2019   South Korea Persona
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Director:Jeon Go-Woon, Jong-kwan Kim, Kyoung-mi Lee, Pil-sung Yim
Writer:Jeon Go-Woon, Kim Jong-Kwan, Pil-sung Yim
IMDb Rating:6.6 (681 votes)
Duration:20 min
Languages:Korean, English
Jeon Go-Woon, Jong-kwan Kim, Kyoung-mi Lee, Pil-sung Yim  ...  (Director)
Jeon Go-Woon, Kim Jong-Kwan, Pil-sung Yim  ...  (Writer)
Ji-eun Lee  ...  Eun
Comments: I almost punted after holding my nose through the first episode (Love Set), feeling like I was witnessing SK soft power crumble in front of my eyes. So I jumped to the last episode (Walking at Night) and kind of liked it. Found it beautiful to look at (except the dude) and "Dreams and death ... lead to nowhere" is a cool line.

Skimmed through episode 3 (Kiss Burn), and then Ep2 (Collector) kicked my butt. It was interesting to see my ex-girlfriend in a movie. It's basically a IU photo shoot with a surreal and painful bent. IU looks good in that light and delivers her punchlines with aplomb.

Maybe just me but it seemed like the dudes who were cast against IU in eps2&4 were D-level actors. It worked in ep2 because, ya know, whatever :) I have no interest in knowing what IU does next so maybe it was all equal.

Summary: An exploration of different personas in an eclectic collection of four works by critically acclaimed Korean directors.

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