2022   South Korea The Witch: Part 2. The Other One
The Witch: Part 2. The Other One Image Cover
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Director:Park Hoon-jung
Studio:Peppermint&company, Next Entertainment World, Studio & New
Writer:Park Hoon-jung
IMDb Rating:6.4 (783 votes)
Duration:137 min
Park Hoon-jung  ...  (Director)
Park Hoon-jung  ...  (Writer)
Cynthia  ...  Koo Ja Yoon
Kim Da-Mi  ...  Koo Ja Yoon
Jin Goo  ...  Dr. Baek
Min-soo Jo  ...  Dr. Baek
Lee Jong-Suk  ...  Jang
Eun-bin Park  ...  Kyung Hee
Yoo-Bin Sung  ...  Dae Gil
Mowg  ...  Composer
Comments: Both of these films are so tedious. The first one was a bit of a surprise with the little girl ultra-violence (which you have to wait over an hour for), so I rated it higher. The little girl ultra-violence in this one is good, too, but it's only about twenty minutes of the film, and it's not surprising. The rest of the film is overwrought storytelling

I'm not here for storytelling. I don't care who killed your dad

They're trying to build a franchise, build a world, and The Witch may become some twisted Korean MCU type thing. Good luck with that

I did enjoy that the Shanghai group wore covid style masks. People's eyes are their best thing and it's cool to see only their eyes, especially on young thespians who can't really act, and especially especially when they are tasked with being evil

The subtitles are bad, but only mildly distracting

Summary: A girl wakes up in a huge secret laboratory. then accidentally meets another girl who is trying to protect her house from a gang. The mystery girl overthrows the gang with her unexpected powers, and laboratory staff set out to find her.

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