2021   South Korea Blackpink: The Movie
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Director:Su Yee Jung, Oh Yoon-Dong
Studio:YG Entertainment
Writer:Chung Justine, Lee Mizi
IMDb Rating:7.4 (627 votes)
Genre:Documentary, Music
Duration:100 min
Su Yee Jung, Oh Yoon-Dong  ...  (Director)
Chung Justine, Lee Mizi  ...  (Writer)
Blackpink  ...  BLACKPINK
Jennie Kim  ...  Jennie
Jisoo Kim  ...  Jisoo
Lalisa Manoban  ...  Lisa
Rosé  ...  Rosé
Nils Clauss  ...  Cinematographer
Lee Seung Ji  ...  Cinematographer
Jisoo Lim  ...  Editor
Joon-Hee Shin  ...  Editor
Comments: If I'm the blunt
you could be the lighter babe

BLΛƆKPIИK is peak Korea

Summary: BLACKPINK THE MOVIE is a film to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the debut of the world-loved K-pop group "BLACKPINK". In this film, you can meet BLACKPINK's five years of memories sharing with fans all over the world, undisclosed special interviews, the most shining moments, and BLACKPINK's distinctive stages of "THE SHOW" (2021), "IN YOUR AREA" (2018), a dozen more hit songs from BLACKPINK have been re-edited and optimized for theatrical environments.

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