2022   South Korea Special Delivery
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Director:Dae-min Park
Studio:M Pictures
Writer:Dae-min Park
IMDb Rating:7.1 (71 votes)
Genre:Action, Crime, Thriller
Duration:109 min
Dae-min Park  ...  (Director)
Dae-min Park  ...  (Writer)
So-dam Park  ...  Eun-ha
Heo Dong-won  ...  Seo-won
Eui-sung Kim  ...  President Baek
Han Kyu-Won  ...  Hostage
Oh Ryoong  ...  Homicide detective
Sae-byeok Song  ...  Jo Kyeong-pil
Woo-jin Yeon  ...  
Jo Hee-Bong  ...  
Yeom Hye-ran  ...  
Han Hyun-min  ...  
Hyun-jun Jung  ...  Seo-won
Soo-Ho Shin  ...  Homicide detective
Yoo Yi-Joon  ...  
Comments: I could watch Park So-dam do anything for the rest of my life

Did I miss something or was that the stupidest, cheapest ending to a film ever?

Lost a star and a like for that

Summary: "I deliver everything that the post office service does not handle." Eun-ha, who is a normal junkyard employee, secretly works as a delivery clerk that deals with unusual delivery requests. One day, Eun-ha heads to Seoul to pick up a client who is involved in a gambling crime that wants to flee overseas. However, Eun-ha meets the client's young son at the pick-up point, instead of the client himself. Kyeong-pil, a current police officer who is actually masterminding the whole gambling crime, chases after the missing child who has the security key to the bank account that holds 30 million dollars. After a long pursuit from Seoul to Busan, Eun-ha fights against the police to protect the child.

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