2022   South Korea Love and Leashes
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Director:Hyeon-jin Park
Studio:Seed Films, Netflix Studios
Writer:Hyeon-jin Park
IMDb Rating:6.6 (1,317 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:117 min
Hyeon-jin Park  ...  (Director)
Hyeon-jin Park  ...  (Writer)
Seohyun  ...  Jung Ji-Woo
Joon-Young Lee  ...  Jung Ji-Hoo
Jennifer Sun Bell  ...  Yuna
Darren Keilan  ...  Woo-Hyuk
Arvin Lee  ...  Jung Ji-Hoo
Sanyee Yuan  ...  Hana
Comments: I enjoyed the two leads, especially Seohyun and her foot acting. But it's hard to be a wholesomely titillating movie, or whatever this thing tried to be. There's a term for expectations unmet

Watch the family dildo comedy Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies for a slightly better attempt

Summary: Despite his straight-laced, cold, and blunt demeanor, Jung Ji Hoo is still adored by his female co-workers. One day, his co-worker Ji Woo, mistakenly opens a package of Ji Hoo's, accidentally revealing for all the world to see one of his sexual fetishes. Passing it off as owning a pet, in secret, Ji Hoo and Ji Woo arrange a contract, that begins a racy romance and the indulgence of Ji Hoo's fetish for slave/master fantasies.

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