2021   South Korea Nothing Serious
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Director:Ga-Young Jeong
Studio:CJ Entertainment, 12 journey
Writer:Jeong Ga-young, Wang Hye-ji
IMDb Rating:6.4 (166 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration:94 min
Ga-Young Jeong  ...  (Director)
Jeong Ga-young, Wang Hye-ji  ...  (Writer)
Jeon Jong-seo  ...  Yu-mi
Sukku Son  ...  
Yoo-ram Bae  ...  Woo-seong
Min-Jung Gong  ...  Sun-bin
Seul-gi Kim  ...  Yu-mi
Comments: I love these krom-koms that are frank without being the least bit tawdry

For the most part krom-koms live or die on their leading lady

Jeon Jong-seo is a super hero

Summary: Woo Ri is a 33-year-old single man. He is a rookie reporter and he writes a sex column, although he wants to become a novelist. Woo Ri hates being lonely, but he is not very good with romantic relationships. Ja Young is a 29-year-...

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