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Director:Seong-Yoon Hong, Hong Seong-Yoon
Studio:Central Park Films, Korean Film Council
Writer:Seong-Yoon Hong, Hong Seong-Yoon, Hong-Seung Yoon
IMDb Rating:7.5 (32 votes)
Awards:4 wins
Genre:Short, Comedy, Horror
Duration:40 min
Seong-Yoon Hong, Hong Seong-Yoon  ...  (Director)
Seong-Yoon Hong, Hong Seong-Yoon, Hong-Seung Yoon  ...  (Writer)
Park Soo-Yeon  ...  Soo-yeon
Seo Hyun-woo  ...  Director
Mun Hye-in  ...  Editor
Lee Chang-Yeop  ...  It
Hye-In Mun  ...  
Yang Da-hye  ...  It
Soo-Yeon Park  ...  
Hyeon Woo Seo  ...  
Ji-ryong Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Seong-Yoon Hong  ...  Editor
Hong Seong-Yoon  ...  Editor
Hong-Seung Yoon  ...  Editor
Comments: Lux Æterna, Cobweb, and now this is the third film I've watched in the past few weeks, by chance, that's a movie about making a movie

I've loved them all. I think it's going to be a new thing for me

They've all been funny, meta, and trash-talk-y

I'd like to find a clean copy of this. It's a little crowded with hard-coded Portuguese closed captions with black background underneath hard-coded Korean subs trying to read the English subs lol

I guess the ending is a shout out to Sono

Summary: A director wants to complete a movie, while the editor is busy cutting out a ghost that only appears in OK cuts. The ghost evolves in different ways and this becomes the funniest movie that deals with movies.

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