Bisang seoneon   2021   South Korea Emergency Declaration
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Director:Han Jae-rim
Studio:C-JeS Entertainment, Magnum9, Showbox Entertainment
Writer:Han Jae-rim
IMDb Rating:6.9 (4,553 votes)
Awards:1 win & 8 nominations
Genre:Action, Drama, Thriller
Duration:141 min
Han Jae-rim  ...  (Director)
Han Jae-rim  ...  (Writer)
Song Kang-ho  ...  In-ho
Lee Byung-hun  ...  Jae-hyuk
Jeon Do-yeon  ...  Sook-hee
Nam-gil Kim  ...  Hyun-soo
Si-wan Yim  ...  Jin-seok
So-jin Kim  ...  Hee-jin
Park Hae-joon  ...  Tae-su
Carson Allen  ...  American Passanger
Michael Davis  ...  James
Rachel J. Goodgion  ...  Airplane Passenger
John D. Michaels  ...  Airplane Passenger
Seo Suk-Kyu  ...  Airplane passenger
Mo-gae Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Jong-chul Park  ...  Cinematographer
Han Jae-rim  ...  Editor
Woo-Hyun Kim  ...  Editor
Kang-il Lee  ...  Editor
Kim Hak-sun  ...  Airplane Passenger
Bong-sik Hyun  ...  Homicide Detective
Seol In-ah  ...  Lim Tae-Eun (Flight Attendant)
Yul-Eum Lee  ...  Park Si-Young (Flight Attendant)
Suk Mun  ...  Doctor Han
Dustin Vuong Nguyen  ...  Hearing committee member
Comments: This thing Blocks a few Busters for sure. Everything but the script is 5 stars

The best part of it for me was the soundtrack and sound design. PLEASE somebody tell me what the piece of music is that is used in this clip

I'm pretty sure whoever does that music also does a piece used later in the film. Also, much of the sound design is blunt but works, and gets extra points for the bluntness

Anyway, this is a really well executed film except for the face-palming coincidences that serve to feed the melodrama. It's so Hollywood, at a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson level. There's a few snippets of dialog that are brute force Korean, which are cool, funny and welcome, and I suppose you can give credit where credit is due for the talent to write a script where the wife of the cop (Song Kang-ho say no more) who's going to get to the bottom of things happens to be on the plane that's going down, or the passenger who's going to take over the flight made a crucial decision earlier in his career that resulted (not causally) in the wife of the current Captain getting killed, and on and on and on with shit like that

When they identify the culprit on the plane mid flight he attempts to "run away" and nobody laughs

The ending couldn't land at the pace of the rest of the film so it's way weenie

Summary: After a terror incident occurs mid-flight, a passenger jet declares an emergency.

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