Bus, jeong ryu-jang   2002   South Korea Bus Stop
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Director:Mi-yeon Lee
Studio:Myeong Films
Writer:Jae-chan Lee
IMDb Rating:6.4 (142 votes)
Duration:90 min
Mi-yeon Lee  ...  (Director)
Jae-chan Lee  ...  (Writer)
Tae-woo Kim  ...  Jae-Sup
Min-jung Kim  ...  So-Hee
Ban-ya Choi  ...  Hye-kyung
Kong-ju Han  ...  
Dae-Hoon Jeong  ...  
Kyeong-ho Jeong  ...  
Ye-ryeong Kim  ...  
Ji-a Park  ...  
Jin-seo Yun  ...  
Ki-woong Park  ...  Cinematographer
Sang-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: 17 + 32

Summary: Jaesup, a thirty-two year old man who teaches Korean at a night school, refuses to communicate with anyone other than a hooker he meets on the street. He goes to a college reunion when he hears that his old flame and alumna Hyekyung is getting married, but gets mad at himself for not being as socially mature as her. When a new student called Sohee enrolls at the night school, Jaesup senses her pain. He finds himself attracted to Sohee who seems to be both naive and mature.

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