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Director:Jee-woon Kim
Studio:Barunson Studio, Anthology Studios, Luz y Sonidos
Writer:Jee-woon Kim, Yeon-Shick Shin
IMDb Rating:7.1 (354 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Comedy, Drama, History
Duration:135 min
Jee-woon Kim  ...  (Director)
Jee-woon Kim, Yeon-Shick Shin  ...  (Writer)
Park Jeong-su  ...  Madame Oh
Krystal Jung  ...  Han Yu-rim
Oh Jung-se  ...  Kang Ho-se
Song Kang-ho  ...  Kim
Lim Soo-jung  ...  Lee Min-ja
Jeon Yeo-been  ...  Shin Mi-do
Jang Young-Nam  ...  Chiarwoman Baek
Mowg  ...  Composer
Comments: A comedy with the heartbeat of a thriller shot like a noir. I'm glad South Korea never got the memo on genre

Something with films about the craft itself brings out the best in actors because they get it. And this plays to the strength of Korean actors. It's over the top melodrama, exposed

The film is filled with priceless blink and you'll miss 'em reaction shots. Very well cast. Song Kang-ho drifts in and out of being unrecognizable with that hairdo. I haven't seen Lim Soo-jung in a decade and she's wonderful. Her eye reaction when she discovers Song Kang-ho filling in for one of the actors is worth the price of admission. A special highlight for me is Jeon Yeo-been. She plays a producer who can drink and talk like a sailor. I haven't seen her since she hit it out of the park in After my Death

Of course the film looks good. It's South Korean, made by a very well established director

I could go on and on. Suffice to say this is about everything I want from a South Korean film. Deducting half a star for the ending. The irony of which will not be lost when you see the film

A truly big bag of fun for me

Summary: Described as an experimental and genre-defying drama shot entirely on sound stages in support of a film-within-a-film narrative.

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