2023   South Korea Devils
Devils Image Cover
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Director:Kim Jae-Hoon
Studio:Contents G
Writer:Kim Jae-Hoon
IMDb Rating:6.2 (227 votes)
Genre:Crime, Thriller
Duration:105 min
Kim Jae-Hoon  ...  (Director)
Kim Jae-Hoon  ...  (Writer)
Jang Dong-yoon  ...  Jin-hyeok
Choi Gwi-hwa  ...  Gwi-hwa Choi
Jae-ho Jang  ...  Min-seong Kim
Son Jong-hak  ...  Jae-cheol Lee
Dae-hwan Oh  ...  Jae-hwan
Shin Seung-hwan  ...  Man Seok
Summary: A determined homicide detective assigned to take down a ring of serial killers, who has a personal motivation as one of the victims is his own brother-in-law.

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