30 il   2023   South Korea Love Reset
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Director:Da-Jung Nam
Studio:A Cinema Woollim
Writer:Nam Dae-joong, Bang Gi-cheol
IMDb Rating:7.1 (690 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:119 min
Da-Jung Nam  ...  (Director)
Nam Dae-joong, Bang Gi-cheol  ...  (Writer)
Kang Ha-neul  ...  No Jeong-yeol
Jung So-min  ...  Hong Na-ra
Hwang Se In  ...  Hong Na-mi
Min-soo Jo  ...  Do Bo-bae
Yoon Kyung-ho  ...  Bae Gi-bae
Kim Sun-young  ...  Joo Sook-jeong
Woo Won  ...  Jang Tak-ho
Shim Woo-Sung  ...  ER Doctor
Comments: awful, scrunchy faces

Summary: A married couple who received a divorce settlement lose their memories in an accident. With amnesia, they fall in love again, so their families try to restore their memories to finalize the divorce.

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