Da-eum So-hee   2022   South Korea Next Sohee
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Director:July Jung
Studio:Twin Plus Partners, Crank-up Film
Writer:July Jung
IMDb Rating:7.2 (1,092 votes)
Awards:10 wins & 12 nominations
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Duration:134 min
July Jung  ...  (Director)
July Jung  ...  (Writer)
Kim Si-Eun  ...  So-hee
Bae Doona  ...  Yoo Jin
Choi Hee-jin  ...  Lee bo ram
Yo-sep Song  ...  Bae
Young-gyu Jang  ...  Composer
Il-Yeon Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is an odd one. Comcast USA. It's a shitty world

First half is a nice portrait study, played wonderfully by Kim Si-Eun. Then something happens at the midway point that doesn't usually happen in portrait study movies

The world can't get enough Bae Doo-na, however

Summary: High school student Sohee starts job training at a call center, but she faces pressure of greedy company which leads to her death. Detective Oh Yu-jin, who has something in common with Sohee starts to follow traces to reveal the t...

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