Seoul-ui bom   2023   South Korea 12.12: The Day
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Director:Kim Sung-su
Studio:Hive Media, Plus M Entertainment
Writer:In-pyo Hong, Won-Chan Hong, Young-jong Lee, Kim Sung-su
IMDb Rating:7.9 (626 votes)
Awards:1 win & 6 nominations
Genre:Action, Drama, History
Duration:141 min
Kim Sung-su  ...  (Director)
In-pyo Hong, Won-Chan Hong, Young-jong Lee, Kim Sung-su  ...  (Writer)
Hwang Jung-min  ...  Chun Doo-gwang
Jung Woo-sung  ...  Lee Tae-shin
Lee Sung-min  ...  Chief of Staff Jeong Sang-ho
Park Hae-joon  ...  9th Division Commander Noh Tae-geon
Kim Seong-gyoon  ...  Military Police Inspector Kim Jun-yeop
Paul Battle  ...  American Ambassador
Hwang Byeong-guk  ...  B2 Bunker General Hwang
Im Chul-hyung  ...  The President's Chief Bodyguard
Brad Curtin  ...  Commander Beckam
Kang Gil-woo  ...  Hanahoe Loyalty Pledge Seol Soryeong
Lee Gwi-woo  ...  B2 Bunker General Lee
Jung Hae-in  ...  Special Forces Major Oh Jin-ho
Kwon Hyuk-bum  ...  2nd Airborne Lieutenant Colonel Hong
Kim Jeong-pal  ...  B2 Bunker General Seo
Baek Jin-wook  ...  Security agency wiretapping agent
Lee Jun-hyuk  ...  Chief of Staff bodyguard
Jeong Man-sik  ...  Special Forces Commander Gong Soo-hyuk
Choi Min  ...  B2 Bunker General Oh
Jaejin Lee  ...  Composer
Jae-Kwang Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Lee Mo-gae  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: The "True Events" angle does the heavy lifting. Without it this would be a sloppy exercise in powerful and power hungry men barking at one another for two and a half hours. It's messy, very talk-y, and quite unbelievable in its execution of many details. Still a barn-burner, due almost entirely to Hwang Jung-min. He brings a delightful gay energy to the military commander responsible for orchestrating the coup. Will make your palms sweat

Koreans can't resist turning even something like this into a fucking melodrama in the end, which, although you can't blame them because it is their money maker, is disappointing. As is the stupidest trope in standoff film making where one side comes to kill the other, has guns pointed at them but instead of following through with it decides to talk for a while until something can change the desired outcome. I hate when that happens

I wanted more of Lee Tae-shin's wife. She's adorable

Summary: Following the assassination of President Park in 1979, various military factions wrestle for control during a violent coup in this tense South Korean period action drama.

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