2005   South Korea APT.
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Director:Byeong-ki Ahn
Studio:Toilet Pictures
Writer:Byeong-ki Ahn, Pool Kang
IMDb Rating:5.5 (393 votes)
Duration:90 min
Byeong-ki Ahn  ...  (Director)
Byeong-ki Ahn, Pool Kang  ...  (Writer)
So-young Ko  ...  Oh Se-jin
Seong-jin Kang  ...  Detective Yang Na-sun
Hie-jin Jang  ...  Yu-yeon
Ha-seon Park  ...  Jung-hong
Yûko Fueki  ...  Sucide woman at subway
Gyu-min Kim  ...  
Ju-seok Lee  ...  
Sun-min Kim  ...  Editor
Summary: Se-jin, a young woman who lives in an old apartment in a Seoul suburb, amuses herself by observing the windows of the apartments on the other side. One day, she notices that the lights of some of these apartments are turned off at the very same time. She begins to suspect that this pattern is somehow related to a series of mysterious deaths in the neighborhood. She becomes more and more deeply involved as she attempts to solve the mystery.

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