Nuga geunyeo-wa jasseulkka?   2006   South Korea Sexy Teacher
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Director:Yu-seong Kim
Writer:Tae-won Jeong, Hyeon-hee Kim
IMDb Rating:6.2 (547 votes)
Duration:85 min
Yu-seong Kim  ...  (Director)
Tae-won Jeong, Hyeon-hee Kim  ...  (Writer)
Seon-yeong Ahn  ...  
Il-seob Baek  ...  
Dong-hoon Ha  ...  Ahn Myeong-Seop
Seok-jin Ha  ...  Kim Tae-Yo
Sa-rang Kim  ...  Eom Ji-Young
Won-hie Kim  ...  
Hyeok-jae Lee  ...  Sirasoni
Ju-shil Lee  ...  
Hyeong-jun Lim  ...  
Cheol-min Park  ...  Ahn Do-Min
Jun Gyu Park  ...  Jae-Sung
Hyeon-jun Shin  ...  
Yi Shin  ...  
Chae-yeong Yu  ...  Jo Ji-Na
Hee-chang Kim  ...  
Ji-yeol Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Mei is not hired by any company after her graduation from a University. Introduced by her best friend Sari, Mei applies to be a home private tutor far away from her home. Every day, Mei needs to take a crowded train to her student's home, but is always being indecent assault by an unknown "Train Man". Later, Mei even discovers that the guy who sexually assaults her is actually her student. What will happen to the relationship between the two? Besides, this is also a revenge for Sari...

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