Dul hana sex   2002   South Korea Yellow Flower
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Director:Ji-sang Lee
Studio:Indiestory Inc.
Writer:Ji-sang Lee
IMDb Rating:3.6 (66 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:84 min
Languages:Korean, Cantonese
Ji-sang Lee  ...  (Director)
Ji-sang Lee  ...  (Writer)
Jung Suh  ...  
Jung-ki Kim  ...  
Mi-ru Jang  ...  
Hyeong-il Jo  ...  
Yong-il Kim  ...  
Chun-ho Ham  ...  Composer
Yong-chun Park  ...  Composer
Chang-jae Lim  ...  Cinematographer
Mi-ja Kang  ...  Editor
Summary: Lee Ji-sang's hardcore adult Korean film Yellow Flower dramatizes the erogenousencounters of a group of Asian men and women, who explore the limits of their ownsexuality by participating in deviant, perverse, and bizarre coital acts with oneanother. Like Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses and Ryu Murakami's TokyoDecadence, Yellow Flower helped to obliterate the censorship of sexual content inmotion pictures, throughout Asia. Jung Suh, Kim Jung-ki, and Jang Mi-ru co-star.

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