Misulgwan yup dongmulwon   1998   South Korea Art Museum by the Zoo
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Director:Jeong-hyang Lee
Studio:Cine-2000 Film Production
IMDb Rating:6.9 (291 votes)
Duration:108 min
Jeong-hyang Lee  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Eun-ha Shim  ...  Chun-Hi
Sung-jae Lee  ...  Chul-su
Sung-kee Ahn  ...  In-Gong
Seon-mi Song  ...  Da-Hye
Seung-su Ryu  ...  
Yeong-gyu Jo  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A film like this (boy and girl meet and hate each other then kiss at the end of the film in love) depends almost entirely on performance. Are they quirky and lovable? Average at best. The guy screamed too much and the girl took it too much. The lopsidedness put me off.

Summary: Through a misunderstanding, Chul-su (Lee) arrives on the doorstep of Chun-hie (Shim). Having nowhere else to go, he forces her to allow him to stay until they can contact their mutual friend to solve the problem. Their initial contempt for each other gradually softens, but they cannot bring themselves to have a full understanding of the other.

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