Nae sarang   2007   South Korea My Love
My Love Image Cover
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Director:Han Lee
Studio:Ozon Films
Writer:Han Lee, Dong-ik Shin
IMDb Rating:6.9 (111 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:111 min
Han Lee  ...  (Director)
Han Lee, Dong-ik Shin  ...  (Writer)
Woo-seong Kam  ...  Se-jin
Kang-hee Choi  ...  Ju-won
Tae-woong Eom  ...  Jin-man
Il-wu Jeong  ...  Ji-wu
Yeon-hee Lee  ...  So-hyeon
Jeong-eun Lim  ...  Soo-jeong
Chang-ik Park  ...  Ba-da
Seung-yong Ryoo  ...  Jeong-seok
Shin-ae Seo  ...  Hye-yeong
Hyun-Jeong Kim  ...  
Eun-ah Lee  ...  
Jae-hyeok Lee  ...  
Dong-hyeop Nam  ...  
Gok-ji Park  ...  Editor
Comments: This one has a "Free Hugs" character and another character who claims the idea is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize ... just so you know the terrain here. Four couples, two win, two lose. There's death and crying and violins. Standard Korean multi-romance with melodrama and cuteness. Main reason to see: you need to see everything Yeon-hee Lee does. She's fabulous.

Summary: Several people experience a miracle of love under the spell of a solar eclipse. Se-jin is obsessively in love with a very bizarre young woman named Ju-won. So-hyun confesses her feeling for Ji-wu by clinging to him and asking him how to become a strong drinker. Jeong-seok is a single father working as a copywriter, loved by Su-jeong, whose advances he rejects every time. Jin-man is a free-hug activist who returns to korea to meet his old flame.

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