Obeo deo reinbou   2002   South Korea Over the Rainbow
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Director:Jin-woo Ahn
Studio:Kang Je-Kyu Film Co. Ltd.
Writer:Jin-woo Ahn
IMDb Rating:7.2 (249 votes)
Genre:Romance, Drama
Duration:109 min
Jin-woo Ahn  ...  (Director)
Jin-woo Ahn  ...  (Writer)
Jung-Jae Lee  ...  Jin-su Lee
Jin-Young Jang  ...  Yeong-hie Kang
Hyeong-jin Kong  ...  Young-min Kim
Bo-eun Choi  ...  
Jae-Won Choi  ...  
Chan Jung  ...  Sang-in Choi
Seo-hyeong Kim  ...  
Hae-yeong Lee  ...  
Yeong-Ju Li  ...  
Yun-Hyeon Park  ...  
Eun-Jeong Sin  ...  
Ji-won Uhm  ...  Eun-song Kim
Clarence Hui  ...  Composer
Yeong-cheol Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Gok-ji Park  ...  Editor
Comments: It's a bit of a challenge to stay with the back and forth through time and hair styles, as well as the to and fro among different characters revealing the same narrative points simultaneously, but the plot is simple enough to just let it go. It's a nice romantic series of snapshots with very likeable characters and a happy ending.

Summary: Lee Jung Jae (IL MARE) stars in this Korean romantic comedy as Jin-Soo, a TV weatherman who can only remember portions of his life as the result of a car accident. While he can’t recall the specifics of his past, Jin-Soo has the strong feeling that he is in love with someone. Unaware of this person’s actual identity, he sets out on a quest to find his missing love with the help of a trusted high school companion named Yeon-Hee (Chang Jin-Young). But in the process of looking for his long-lost lover, Jin-Soo starts to develop feelings for Yeon-Hee, and is forced to question whether his search for love is actually in vain.

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