Goyangileul butaghae   2001   South Korea Take Care of My Cat
Take Care of My Cat Image Cover
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Director:Jae-eun Jeong
Studio:Masulpiri Films
Writer:Jae-eun Jeong
IMDb Rating:7.3 (1,281 votes)
Awards:5 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:112 min
Jae-eun Jeong  ...  (Director)
Jae-eun Jeong  ...  (Writer)
Doona Bae  ...  Tae-hie
Yu-won Lee  ...  Hye-ju
Ji-young Ok  ...  Ji-young
Eung-sil Lee  ...  Bi-ryu
Eung-ju Lee  ...  Ohn-jo
Tae-yeong Kim  ...  
Jung-Hee Moon  ...  
Tae-kyung Oh  ...  
Yongrock Choi  ...  Composer
Yeong-hwan Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Hyeon-mi Lee  ...  Editor
Summary: In the port city of Icheon, five female friends struggle to stay close while forging a life for themselves after high school. When one of the group, upwardly-mobile Hae-ju, moves to Seoul, the other girls deal with the loss in different ways. Feeling most rejected, shy Ji-yeong finds comfort in her new friendship with rebel Tae-hee.

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