Hae-boo-hak-kyo-sil   2007   South Korea The Cut
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Director:Son Tae-woong
Studio:iHQ, Inc.
Writer:Derek Son
IMDb Rating:6.4 (49 votes)
Genre:Horror Gore
Duration:107 min
Son Tae-woong  ...  (Director)
Derek Son  ...  (Writer)
Yoon-seo Chae  ...  Slut
Ji-min Han  ...  Sun-hwa
Min-gi Jo  ...  Dr. Han 'The Engineer'
Won-ju Moon  ...  Fatso
Tae-gyeong Oh  ...  Ki-beom
Ju-wan On  ...  Weirdo
Soy  ...  Nerd
Sang-yun Lee  ...  Composer
Seung-taek Seong  ...  Cinematographer
Sung-won Ham  ...  Editor
Sang-min Lee  ...  Editor
Summary: Six medical students; soulful Seon-hwa, arrogant Jung-seok, warmhearted Gi-beom, bookworm Eun-ju, goofy Kyeong-min and sexy Ji-yeong begin the long-anticipated anatomy course. The highly competitive yet close group of friends is presented with a cadaver of a young woman who was once beautiful, with a rose tattoo on her chest.

Yet ever since beginning the lesson, they are all haunted by the same nightmares and hallucinations - a weeping woman and a doctor with a lame leg, whispering death.

One night, Eun-ju is trapped alone in the dissection lab. She screams for her life, but is rescued too late as she lays lifeless and heartless - literally having had the organ surgically removed.

After Ji-yeon dies the same way and other horrible events ensue, Seon-hwa, Jung-seok and Gi-beom are convinced they are next. Everything points to the cadaver: while tracing the woman's past, the students discover that their professor, nicknamed "The Technician'' for his exceptional skills and coldness, is linked to the mystery and Seon-hwa must revisit her own secrets.

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