Gosa   2008   South Korea Death Bell
Death Bell Image Cover
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Studio:Mega Bollywood
Writer:Chang, Eun-Kyeong Kim
IMDb Rating:5.7 (1,400 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Duration:85 min
Chang  ...  (Director)
Chang, Eun-Kyeong Kim  ...  (Writer)
Gyu-ri Nam  ...  I-na Kang
Bum Kim  ...  Kang Hyun
Beom-su Lee  ...  Chang-wook Hwang
Da-Geon  ...  Yoon Soo-Jin
Eun-jeong Ham  ...  Kim Ji-Won
Sung Jin  ...  Bak Woo-Ram
Jeong-hwan Kong  ...  Lee Chi-Young
Hyun-Sang Kwon  ...  Jae Wook
Ban-ya Mun  ...  Gimg Yeong-Jin
Jiwon Yang  ...  Min Hye-Young
In-sook Choi  ...  
Do-hyeoni Lee  ...  
Yi-seul Kang  ...  
Yeo-eun Son  ...  
So-hie Kim  ...  
Jun-seong Kim  ...  Composer
Seong-ryong Heo  ...  Cinematographer
Yu Yeong-ju  ...  Editor
Summary: A chi-chi private high school, which actively encourages cutthroat competition among the student body by, for instance, publicly displaying their exam score rankings, selects twenty elite members and organizes a boot camp of sorts, to prepare for an international student exchange event. To their chagrin, the students, including rebellious heroine Ina (the singer Nam Gyu-ri), her timid best buddette Myong-hyo (Son Yeo-eun) and her wannabe-boyfriend Hyun (the sit-com idol Kim Beom), and the teachers, uptight English teacher So-young (Yoon Jeong-hee, TV’s Happy Woman) and popular Korean instructor Chang-wook (Lee Beom-soo, City of Violence) find themselves stuck inside the school. Somebody is kidnapping students one by one, in the order of their midterm score ranks, and killing them. The gruesome ways in which they die are broadcast via the school AV system: the only way to prevent the hideous murders is to find correct solutions to the culprit’s “exam questions” in time…

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