Heobeu   2007   South Korea Herb
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Director:In-mu Heo
Studio:KM Culture Co.
Writer:In-mu Heo, Seo-won Jeong
IMDb Rating:6.7 (147 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:113 min
In-mu Heo  ...  (Director)
In-mu Heo, Seo-won Jeong  ...  (Writer)
Hye-jeong Kang  ...  Cha Sang-eun
Chong-ok Bae  ...  Kim Hyeon-suk
Kyeong-ho Jeong  ...  Lee Jong-bom
Woo-hee Cheon  ...  Ggetip (girls with their bangs clipped to the side) 2
Jong-ryol Choi  ...  Doctor
Mi-ran Do  ...  Sang-eun's coworker 1
Su-Jeong Eom  ...  Wrapping Teacher
In-gi Jeong  ...  Train ticket taker
Yun Jeong  ...  Subordinate officer
Mi-su Jo  ...  Sang-eun's coworker 2
Joo-hee Kang  ...  Twin Good-for nothing
Jeong-ha Kim  ...  Middle-aged wife
Rok-gyeong Kim  ...  Police Private
Yeong-hun Kim  ...  Policeman 2
Eun-hye Lee  ...  Sesame Leaf Hair Girl 3
Seong-woo Jo  ...  Composer
Hong-shik Yoon  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Sang-eun, a beautiful 20-year-old girl, but is mentally challenged. One day, she happens to meet Jong-Bom and deludes herself to think him as a beast under the vicious spell. Her mother who has taken care of her with such dedication feels a bit concerned and neglected as her love begins. However, least expected hardship come up and Sang-eun has to face the world all by herself.

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