Superman ieotdeon sanai   2008   South Korea A Man Who Was Superman
A Man Who Was Superman Image Cover
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Director:Yoon-Chul Jeong
Studio:CJ Entertainment
Writer:In Lee
IMDb Rating:7.2 (579 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Duration:118 min
Yoon-Chul Jeong  ...  (Director)
In Lee  ...  (Writer)
Jeong-min Hwang  ...  Superman
Gianna Jun  ...  Song Soo-jung
Gil-seung Bang  ...  
Woo-hyuk Choi  ...  Superman - child
Ji-hee Jin  ...  Hee-jeong
Gi-seok Kim  ...  
Young-hwa Seo  ...  Hee-jeong's mother
Woo-seon Seon  ...  Miss Kim
Yeong-hwan Choi  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: An ambitious Korean producer who strives to become the next Oprah Winfrey discovers the quirky human-interest story that could make her career when she is saved from a violent robber by a stranger who claims to be Superman. Producer Song Soo-jung is heading into her third year with a small production company, and she has yet to discover the story that will propel her career to the next level. It's been months since she's been paid, and as a result Soo-jung's pride has taken a serious hit. Frustrated, Soo-jung borrows a camera and sets out to produce a story that will truly compel the public. When a robber confronts Soo-jung on the streets and a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt comes to her rescue, the perplexed producer is fascinated to learn that her savior believes himself to be Superman. According to "Superman," he is no longer able to tap into his powers due to the fact that his enemies have implanted Kryptonite into his brain. Despite this small obstacle, however, Superman is determined to continue saving lives even if it means putting his own in great danger. Recognizing the potential of such a fascinating story, Soo-jung crafts a documentary about the man entitled "Superman Saves the World." While the show is an immediate hit, the self-serving reporter subsequently makes a discovery that causes her to reevaluate her priorities in life.

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