Bomnalui gomeul johahaseyo   2003   South Korea Spring Bears Love
Spring Bears Love Image Cover
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Director:Yi Yong
Studio:Leeson Films
Writer:Jo-yun Hwang
IMDb Rating:6.1 (127 votes)
Duration:98 min
Yi Yong  ...  (Director)
Jo-yun Hwang  ...  (Writer)
Du-na Bae  ...  Jeong Hyun-jae
Nam-jin Kim  ...  Lee Dong-ha
Ji-hye Yun  ...  Mi-ran
Jong-shin Yun  ...  Ji-seok
Kwang-rok Oh  ...  Hyeon-jae's dad
Eol Lee  ...  Vincent
Lee Hyeon-Kyeong  ...  Hearing-impaired woman (as Lee Ji-Won)
Tae-un Eom  ...  Man who dumps Hyun-jae
Sang-ki Jo  ...  Carrefour supervisor
So-yeon Kim  ...  Hearing-impaired woman
Oh-jung Kwon  ...  Nose-picking man
Hyeon-kyeong Lim  ...  So-hee
Yi Yong  ...  Chan-ho (shortlegged pitcher)
Doona Bae  ...  Jeong Hyun-jae
Yong-jun Park  ...  
Ki-woong Park  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: A connected series of love notes scribbled in library art books convinces gawky grocery store clerk Hyun-chae (Bae Doo-na) that a mystery man - known only as ‘Vincent’ - is pursuing a relationship with her.

Meanwhile, an infatuated pal from her high-school days - shy, quirky subway driver Dong-ha (Kim Nam-jin) - relocated to Seoul to ACTUALLY pursue a relationship with her, which she rejects in favor of the erzatz paper chase provided by her mystery man, going so far as to pawn Dong-ha off on her friend at one point.

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