Woetoli   2008   South Korea Loner
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Director:Jae-shik Park
Studio:Damoa Films
Writer:Park Jae-Shik
IMDb Rating:6.1 (122 votes)
Duration:117 min
Jae-shik Park  ...  (Director)
Park Jae-Shik  ...  (Writer)
Min-seo Chae  ...  Eun-mi Choi
Lee Da-in  ...  Ha-jeong
Yeong-suk Jeong  ...  Jeong Se-jin
Yu-seok Jeong  ...  Uncle
Eun-ah Ko  ...  Jeong Soo-na
Hye-won Seo  ...  Nurse
Min-jeong Song  ...  
Summary: New director Park Jae-shik brings us the story of an angelic young woman named Soo-na whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside down as a suicide and a family full of secrets bring evil to her door. Soo-na is played by Ko Eun-ah (Swindler In Mom's House, Ssunday Seoul). Jeong Yoon-seok (Return, You Are My Sunshine), Chae Min-seo (The Wig, Champion), Lee Eun (The Voice, Flying Boys) and Jeong Yeong-sook (Maundy Thursday) take various roles in the cast in this horror movie that is produced by Movie Productions Damool. Expect more long-haired ghosts when it is released

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