Uri saengae choego-ui sungan   2008   South Korea Forever the Moment
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Director:Soonrye Yim
Studio:Inkas Film & T.V. Productions
Writer:Hyeon Na, Soonrye Yim
IMDb Rating:6.9 (149 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:124 min
Soonrye Yim  ...  (Director)
Hyeon Na, Soonrye Yim  ...  (Writer)
So-ri Moon  ...  Han Mi-sook
Jeong-eun Kim  ...  Kim Hye-kyeong
Martin Lord Cayce  ...  French Coach
Tae-woong Eom  ...  Ahn Seung-pil
Seok-yong Jeong  ...  Jin-gook - Jeong-ran's husband
Eun-ji Jo  ...  Oh Soo-hee
Yeong-jin Jo  ...  Director Song
Ji-yeong Kim  ...  Kim Hye-kyeong
Bong-gyu Lee  ...  Chairman
Mi-do Lee  ...  Hyeon-ja
Miles Meili  ...  Danish Coach
Minji  ...  Bo-ram
Hyeon Na  ...  Director Hakiboo
Eun-sook Nam-kung  ...  Jin-joo
Won-sang Park  ...  Gyoo-cheol
Min-hwa Yun  ...  Composer
Ki-seok Hwang  ...  Cinematographer
Alekos Yiannaros  ...  Cinematographer
In-dae Mun  ...  Editor
Comments: Love Moon So-ri but didn't buy her for a minute in a handball uniform. Didn't really buy any of them, nobody looked the least athletic, but I don't know handball

This plays out like a gossipy daytime soap opera, then the big game and <spoiler alert> It's based on real life </spoiler alert>

A little emotional at the end, but it's work getting to it

Summary: Kim Hye-kyeong is a retired handball player who has been successfuly coaching in the Japan Handball League. When the coach of South Korea's women's national team suddenly quits, she is asked to fill in, but is faced with an undisciplined squad of players. Hye-kyeong tries to improve the team by recruiting some of her old teammates, including two-time Olympic gold medalist Han Mi-sook. However, Hye-kyeong's aggressiveness causes friction amongst the players, and she is replaced by former men's handball star Ahn Seung-pil, though she decides to stay with the team as a player. Seung-pil introduces modern European training methods which brings him into conflict with the older players, and things get worse when they lose a game against a high school boy's team.

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