Gukhwaggot hyanggi   2003   South Korea Scent of Chrysanthemums
Scent of Chrysanthemums Image Cover
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Director:Jeong-wook Lee
Studio:Taewon Entertainment
Writer:Hie-jae Kim, Jeong-wook Lee
IMDb Rating:6.3 (122 votes)
Genre:Romance, Drama
Duration:109 min
Jeong-wook Lee  ...  (Director)
Hie-jae Kim, Jeong-wook Lee  ...  (Writer)
Jin-Young Jang  ...  Min Hie-jae
Hae-il Park  ...  Seo In-ha
Seon-mi Song  ...  Choi Jeong-rae
Yu-seok Kim  ...  Kang Seong-ho
Hie-bong Byeon  ...  
Jeong-min Ko  ...  
Hu-kon Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I'm sick. I tolerated this formulaic disease of the week melodrama because I have a 'thing' for Jin-Young Jang but it was like accepting a dare because there was zero chemistry between the two leads. It was uncomfortable and unbelievable to watch. I couldn't turn away.

Summary: University student Seo In-ha meets a young woman on the subway and instantly falls in love. After joining a local book club, he is pleasantly surprised to find that the woman, Mun Hie-jae, is also a member. Although he makes a poor first impression, In-ha and Hie-jae eventually become friends, though he is left disappointed when she later rejects him, as she is more interested in another student, Kang Seong-ho.

Several years pass, with In-ha and Hie-jae going their separate ways. While Hie-jae and Seong-ho prepare to get married, In-ha, now a producer at a local radio station, still pines after his first love. When Hie-jae survives a car crash that kills her fiancé and parents, In-ha keeps a respectful distance. After a while he resumes his pursuit of her by reading out letters on his radio show, and finally winning her heart the couple get married.

However, their happiness is short-lived, as Hie-jae becomes pregnant only to discover that she has stomach cancer, and must choose between her own life and the life of her unborn child.

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