Dal-lyeo-la ja-jeon-geo   2008   South Korea Ride Away
Ride Away Image Cover
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Director:Seong-woon Lim
Writer:Seong-woon Lim
IMDb Rating:5.9 (74 votes)
Duration:88 min
Seong-woon Lim  ...  (Director)
Seong-woon Lim  ...  (Writer)
Hyo-ju Han  ...  Lim Ha-jeong
Young-hoon Lee  ...  Kim Soo-wook
Lee Eun  ...  
Il-Beom Jeon  ...  
Gwang-won Song  ...  
Ki-seok Hwang  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Ha-jung, a college freshman, is interested in a boy who works at a secondhand book store near her school. Although a clerk is excited by her, he cannot forget his old girlfriend who has been unconscious since a car accident three years earlier. The growing pains mature the awkward and immature twenty-year-old.

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