Eodiseonga nugungae museunili saengkimyeon teulrimeobshi natananda Hong Ban-jang   2004   South Korea Mr. Hong
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Director:Seok-beom Kang
Studio:Janis Entertainment
Writer:Seok-beom Kang, Jeong-gu Shin
IMDb Rating:6.4 (151 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:108 min
Seok-beom Kang  ...  (Director)
Seok-beom Kang, Jeong-gu Shin  ...  (Writer)
Jeong-hwa Eom  ...  Yun Hye-ju
Ka-Yeon Kim  ...  Mi-seon
Ju-bong Gi  ...  
Dong-jik Jang  ...  
Ju-hyuk Kim  ...  Hong Du-shik
Jun-yeong Jang  ...  Cinematographer
Wook-Hyeon Lee  ...  Composer
Seong-weon Ham  ...  Editor
Summary: Youn Hye Jin' is a pretty, young dentist, but she can't stand all the negative things that she has to endure at her work place, so she quits. Unemployed and unable to find work, she wishes to open her own dentistry practice. Since it's too expensive to rent in the city, she travels in her car to find a small & quiet village near the sea. There, she meet 'Head Hong', who takes care of everything, everywhere in that village. At first he was rude to her, and they don't like other's attitude at all. But as time passes by, they become familiar to each other and a relationship develops.

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