Yok mang   2002   South Korea Desire
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Director:Eung-su Kim
Studio:MBC-TV Korea
Writer:Eung-su Kim
IMDb Rating:4.7 (97 votes)
Duration:89 min
Eung-su Kim  ...  (Director)
Eung-su Kim  ...  (Writer)
Tae-gun An  ...  Kyu-min
Ban-ya Choi  ...  
So-yeon Jang  ...  So-yeon
Dong-kyu Lee  ...  Leo
Sua Lee  ...  Rosa
Nae-sang Ahn  ...  Kyu-min
Ki-woong Park  ...  Cinematographer
Jeong-ho Song  ...  Composer
Yoo Kyung Park  ...  Editor
Summary: Rosa is a normal Korean housewife. She is in her late 20s and her husband, Kyumin, is a successful architect in his late 30s. They live comfortably, in a well to do apartment and have friends similar in age and professional status.
But Rosa suspects that Kyumin is having an affair. She follows him to a different apartment and to her shock discovers that he is having an affair with a young man. The young man is Leo, in his mid 20s and very good looking. Disraught, Rosa goes the next day to a travel agency and books a trip to Italy to visit a male friend. She by chance runs into Leo in the street. Leo too is distraught because Kyumin has just ended their affair.

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