Sungnyangpali sonyeoui jaerim   2002   South Korea Resurrection of the Little Match Girl
Resurrection of the Little Match Girl Image Cover
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Director:Sun-Woo Jang
Studio:Kihwik Cine
Writer:Jin-mi In, Sun-Woo Jang
IMDb Rating:5.8 (1,045 votes)
Awards:3 wins
Genre:Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Duration:123 min
Sun-Woo Jang  ...  (Director)
Jin-mi In, Sun-Woo Jang  ...  (Writer)
Eun-kyeong Lim  ...  Little Match Girl
Hyun-sung Kim  ...  Ju
Jin-pyo Kim  ...  Lee
Sing Jin  ...  Lala
Gye-nam Myeong  ...  
Doo-hong Jung  ...  Oberan
Kangta  ...  Special Guest Star (as Kang Ta)
Cheong-a Lee  ...  
Han-garl Lee  ...  Orunpal
Jae-kyeong Seo  ...  
Dalpalan  ...  Composer
Woo-hyung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Seung-ryong Han  ...  Editor
Hyun Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: This Matrix meets Natural Born Killers meets Shinjuku Swan mashup has a "we'll fix it up in the editing room and pull it all together" feel to it. Game culture literacy is helpful, as the film blurs the line between real life and game time. It's fun, and mild profundity can be applied to it (it doesn't come from the film). I'm a sucker for attractive, innocent young women with automatic weapons. So a passing grade from me despite its limited coherency and multiple stupid gun fights.

Bonus point: The ethnically Korean, Chinese born actress who plays the Motorcycle Riding Lara Croft (except gay and mentally unstable) character--my favorite except for the Little Match Girl--was born a man, became a colonel in China's People's Liberation Army, had a sex change operation, and then became a ballerina and famous modern dancer. Some call her the Oprah of China. Boo Ya!

Summary: To Chinese restaurant delivery boy 'Ju', the only joy in life is spending time at the electronic game room. One day, 'Ju' who was engrossed in an electronic game as usual, is advised to log-on to a game called RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL. The match selling girl of Andersen's fairytale is revived through the game, and 'Ju' is drawn into the little girl's virtual reality. As reality and cyberspace interchange, 'Ju', like in the famous fairytale, is given the mission to save the little girl from danger and lead her to a peaceful death. However, the two are not only confronted by a gigantic force called the System, that attempts to stop them, but other obstacles that place their lives in danger...

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