Naui chingu, geuui anae   2007   South Korea My Friend & His Wife
My Friend & His Wife Image Cover
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Director:Dong-il Shin
Studio:Prime Entertainment
Writer:Dong-il Shin
IMDb Rating:6.0 (63 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:110 min
Dong-il Shin  ...  (Director)
Dong-il Shin  ...  (Writer)
So-hee Hong  ...  Ji-sook
Mahbub Alam  ...  
Jean-S├ębastien Bressy  ...  A foreign trader
Joo-hee Eun  ...  
Hyeong-seong Jang  ...  Ye-joon
Kyeong-hee Kim  ...  
Kyeong-jin Kim  ...  
Hee-soon Park  ...  Jae-moon
Gi-hong Woo  ...  
Sang-Jeon Woo  ...  
Mi-Joo Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: punt

Summary: Ye-Joon and Jae-Moon have been best friends since their military service. Now, Ye-Joon is an upwardly mobile foreign exchange dealer and Jae-Moon is a humble cook. Jae-Moon has a charming wife, Ji-Sook, who manages a small beauty shop. The couple had been saving money to move to the United States in search of a better future. However they find out that the money has fallen into the wrong hands, and their savings are lost. Time passes, and the two friends go on with their lives, not seeing each other as often as before. Meanwhile, Ji-Sook wants to go to a beauty workshop in France. Jae-Moon encourages her to go and promises to take care of their newborn baby. After Ji-Sook leaves for Paris, Jae-Moon invites Ye-Joon for dinner at his house. But a tragic accident occurs, testing the nature of their friendship.

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