Sunjeong-manhwa   2008   South Korea Hello, Schoolgirl
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Director:Jang-ha Ryu
Studio:Asia Culture Technology Investment
Writer:Kang Full, Pool Kang
IMDb Rating:7.0 (259 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Duration:113 min
Jang-ha Ryu  ...  (Director)
Kang Full, Pool Kang  ...  (Writer)
Ji-tae Yu  ...  Kwon Yeon-woo
Yeon-hee Lee  ...  Soo-yeong
Jeong-an Chae  ...  Kwon Ha-kyeong
Kang In  ...  Kang Sook
Soo-young Choi  ...  Jeong Da-jeong
Seok-jeong Hwang  ...  Professor Ha
Pool Kang  ...  Umbrella shop man
Dong-hyeon Chae  ...  
Hee-yong Choi  ...  
Min-ho Choi  ...  
Yeong-rok Choi  ...  
Jeong-hwa Chu  ...  
Je-ha Hwang  ...  
Hae-ja Kim  ...  
Ji-hun Kim  ...  
Summary: KIM Yun-woo works as a low level civil servant in a district office. Although he is thirty, he is still quite innocent for his age and has been on numerous unfruitful blind dates in search of a suitable wife. After moving to a new place, he often runs into HAN Soo-young, a high school student who lives downstairs. HAN Soo-young is a cheerful and eccentric eighteen-year-old who lives with her mother that acts like a princess. Meanwhile, KANG Sook has just started to work at the district office straight after graduating from high school and falls head over heels for KWON Ha-kyung, a melancholic woman who always smokes in the same spot, because of her beautiful smile. Ha-kyung is still holding onto an old flame and keeps on looking for traces of that love every day. KANG Sook continues to keep wooing her, irregardless of her living in the past. Can their futures lead to a happy ending?

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