Ga-byeo-un jam   2008   South Korea A Light Sleep
A Light Sleep Image Cover
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Director:Seong-chan Lim
Writer:Hyeon-jeong Shin
IMDb Rating:6.2 (10 votes)
Duration:96 min
Seong-chan Lim  ...  (Director)
Hyeon-jeong Shin  ...  (Writer)
Ah-Jin Choi  ...  Yeo Lin
Ah Reum Hong  ...  Soo-jin
Hyeon-bin Ryu  ...  Da-rin
Chan Yun  ...  Joo-go
Eun-jin Bang  ...  
Chae-hwan Song  ...  
Eun-jin Pang  ...  
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Yeo Lin used to have a boyfriend and normal life, but everything changed when she lost both her parents two years ago. To support her siblings, she sells her body. Quietly bearing wounds and responsibilities beyond her age, she faces the cruel trials of love, friendship, and premature adulthood, and she does it all in seeming detachment. Always tired, Yeo Lin suffers from chronic insomnia and relies on medication to sleep. For Yeo Lin, sleep is an escape that she wakes from too soon. Directed by Lim Seong Chan, the 2008 indie drama A Light Sleep sensitively depicts the ordeals faced by an insomniac high school girl forced to grow up too soon. Teenaged newcomer Choi Ah Jin delivers a mature and compelling performance in the leading role.

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